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Bike a vehicle usually faster in the short urban trips

Average speed ... the bike in a city is 20 km / h, in 45 minutes you can travel 15 miles?

...What causes global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2), accumulating in the atmosphere, forming an increasingly thick layer, trapping the sun's heat and causing the greenhouse effect?

... The main source of contamination by carbon dioxide emissions are power generation plants based on coal, then emit 2.500 million tons per year and the second leading cause, are cars, because they emit almost 1,500 million tonnes of CO2 a year?

... Reducing car use in avoiding just 15 miles a week to deliver 230 kilos of carbon dioxide a year?

... Reducing car use in avoiding just 15 miles a week to deliver 230 kilos of carbon dioxide a year?

... A driver breathes into the cabin of the car more than 200% of CO2 a cyclist and over 50% more nitric oxide (NO)?

Transported by bicycle ... reduces the household budget allocated to mobility?

... While the higher the moving time employee, the lower productivity in the hours that remain in the company?

... The productivity of enterprises is also reduced by congestion, thanks to reduced working hours of employees, dealers, suppliers and customers?

Financially have a car ... not a good investment? as costs to be paid for having it are very high: high bank interest, accelerated loss of value of the vehicle, fuel consumption, maintenance, taxes, costly insurance, among others. Resources for a car can be used for gainful activity that generates economic benefits

Self ... helps the urban space is unequally saturated, consume vast natural resources and receive large state subsidies to capital fuel that could be built many schools, hospitals, etc.?

Traveling by bicycle ... Quito makes a city more inclusive, participatory and friendly?

... The historical monuments, heritage and green spaces are preserved better when you bike and not pollute and do not generate vibrations?

Know what are the health effects to make bike?
* Reduce cholesterol levels, so your glasses will be much less likely to calcify.
* Decrease the percentage of body fat, is an effective weapon to combat being overweight.
* Increases motor coordination. * Increases blood flow because blood vessels are kept flexible and healthy when the legs are moved every day.
* It benefits your cardiovascular system by reducing the risk of stroke by 50%.
* Increases bone: bones become stronger.
* Your body secretes endorphins, also known as happy hormones, helping to improve mood, distracting concerns and can even become addictive, a healthy addiction to the benefits of cycling anyway.
* Encourage the person in states of stress and anxiety. Biking and cycling is one of the best natural antidepressants available.
* The brain is oxygenated more and allows you to think more easily.
* Increases flexibility and range of motion in joints.
* Speeds up metabolism.
* Benefits the back, as many pains that come from inactivity leads to reduced nutrition of the intervertebral discs and thus lose their ability to absorb shock. The regular movements of the legs strengthen the lower back and prevent the appearance of herniated discs, to keep the spine protected from vibration and shock.
* Reduce coronary heart disease by up to 50 percent, the same percentage as obesity and diabetes, and hypertension problems can be reduced by 30 percent.
* Reverberates positively in the immune system. The body of cyclists off chemicals that improve mood and well-being do occur. Phagocytes, bacteria-eating cells of the human body are immediately mobilized through the pedal, to kill bacteria and cancer cells.


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